The Ecig Market Danger

E cig market touches $ 2 billion mark: Same revenue that age old cigar companies earn!

Yes; market of electronic cigarettes or popularly known as e cigs have crossed $US 2 billion globally. And the growth is expected to be more than one fold during first 10 months of the year 2013. A detailed study by Euromonitor International  ( says that the smokeless cigarette will definitely conquer more place in global market in future. What really surprising is; the stupendous growth of e cigs since 2005.

And the global transaction by small cigar companies is also $ 2 billion! But these cigar makers are indeed very old players. So you can imagine the speed at which e cig market is growing.

What more interesting is, big time tobacco companies entering into e cig market. They are either buying a promising brand that is new to market or start their own e cigs.

The year 2012 witnessed two such developments. Lorillard brought ‘Blue e cigs’ for US $ 135 million. The deal was made in April 2012 and I was told that they are diving deep into e cig ocean now.

Second big innovation of the year happened when Swisher’s eponymous introduced their e cigs. Walking a step ahead of their competitors,  Swisher’s introduced e cigars!

According to experts who are doing a extensive research on e cigs, more tobacco and pharma companies will extend their arms either by buying a e cig company or float their own.

Researches say there are ample opportunities for new players as more and more flavors of e cigs are found everyday.

During its infant days, e cigs were available only through e bookings. Even the buyers were very limited those days. But what made e cigs to jump out of e trade and occupy a place for itself in open market?

Answer is simple. More and more smokers started choosing e cigs and accepted it!

A survey on current e cig smokers is expected by the end of 2012. And trust me; I will be first one to write on the fast-growing-e cig smoking population!

Lets’s see one of the finest interview done of tobacco industry this year. Nicandro Durante, chief financial officer-BAT says that the size of tobacco alternative products (mainly e cigs) may account nearly 40% of BAT’s total revenue. BAT is currently the number two global tobacco company. It operates in 180 countries.

“The tobacco alternative products are growing fast. They shall dominate the market in next 20 years,” he opines.

And Mr Durante is a smoker! If not regularly, he confesses to smoke nearly 4-5 cigars a week. “If I want to quit, I will quit smoking,” he confidently says.